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Bach to Rock Alpharetta Students Place in Duke's Got Talent

Hugh and Liam R.

On Monday, March 25th, two of our students, Hugh and Liam R., took the stage for the final round of “Duke's Got Talent,” an annual talent competition hosted by Duke’s Bar & Grill in Milton, GA.

Bach to Rock is so incredibly proud to report the boys came in second place! This competition was open to all kids between the ages of 7 to 17 in the North Atlanta area. Out of 10 participants from various backgrounds, the boys stood out with their rockin’ renditions of "Sweet Home Alabama," "Ain't No Man," and  "Glorious Day."

Bach to Rock staff members were in attendance to show their support and overheard some of the crowd’s reactions to Hugh and Liam's performance. Our favorite quote of the night: “They are only 10 and 11?! WHAT? Who's teaching these kids?!”

The boys are extremely grateful to Bach to Rock and Duke’s Got Talent for the performance opportunity. Hugh and Liam’s family also wish to express their gratitude to Bach to Rock Alpharetta, "Thanks for inspiring the boys to love music and develop their gifts.”

The honor is all ours!

Pictured: Hugh, age 11 (voice, guitar student) Liam, age 10 (guitar student)